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Buriti is a palm tree, which dominates expansive areas of floodplains and swamps and covers the southern Amazonian lowland streams. The buriti palm naturally occurs alone or in communities, which require abundant supply of water in the soil. Fruiting occurs only once every two years from December to June.


In the off-season of the acai the buriti fruit is a valuable food source consumed as a juice, known as ” buriti wine” and its oil is used in frying. The pure oiis used to treat burns and wounds due to its ability to promote the development of scar tissue and to smooth the skin.


Buriti oil is considered the richest natural source of beta carotene – (up to 330 milligrams/ 10 0 g oil) known as an excellent natural antioxidant.

The high natural beta carotene concentration protects the skin cells against photo-oxidative damage. Due to its ability to absorb radiation in the range of visible light and ultra violet , buriti oil can be used in sun and after sun formulations. The rich unsaturated fatty acids in Buriti Oil promote fantastic emollient properties which helps to rebuild, moisturize and re-hydrate skin cells.


It is easily absorbed, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helps in lightening dark spots and burns caused by sun exposure, tokes the itching and reduces redness, restores skin elasticity. Especially suit able for dry skin.


The Buriti oil moisturises, strengthens and smooths the hair. A few drops applied on the comb control frizz, forming a protective film and gives brightness and vitality to the hair. It has great benefits for dry hair, brittle, damaged and chemically treated hair.


Production Process: Cold Extraction

Scientific name: Mauritia flexuosa

Preservatives: Absent

Source of Raw Material: Amazonian Rainforest / Brazil

Solvent Extraction: Absent

Used part of the plant: Fruit pulp

Traceability: guaranteed

Origin of the Vegetable Drug: Wild crafted


Product harmless, for cosmetic use only, not suited for human consumption.


Should be stored tightly sealed, protected from light and heat.

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CAS Number394239-67-9
INCIMauritia Flexuosa Fruit Oil
CompositionMauritia Flexuosa Fruit Oil

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