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What’s APP?

APP Airless Plastic Packaging is a new Airless system entirely designed, developed, manufactured, and decorated in Italy by Lumson. The system utilizes the highly reliable “Airless Pouch Technology” already tested on the market, with a “Bright and Thick” cylindrical plastic bottle.APP’s plastic bottle can be easily customized with different shapes as Lumson’s Airless Pouch Technology can be applied to any kind of bottle design and it is avaliable in two different sizes (30ml and 50 ml).

The market is concerned about reducing preservatives – APP Airless Plastic Packaging helps to preserve sensitive cosmetic ingredients, such as vitamin C, Retinol, etc., from deteriorating. For special advance formulas, a single or multilayer pouch is available. With the use of Lumson’s Airless Systems, exterior air contamination is eliminated, and a sensible reduction of preservatives may be possible. The system, totally airless, guarantees a dispense rate of more than 95%, so your clients may get the entire product they have paid for.

Lumson is concerned about the environment and it translates its Eco “Attitude” into a “Responsible Recycling Packaging”. After use, the consumer can easily separate the clean plastic bottle from the pouch that contained the product and dispensing components. These two elements can then be disposed of separately, each one in its proper recycling chain. In order to promote APP’s after usage recycling features, Lumson has designed, developed, and patented a special logo that can be used by its customers (free of charge) to inform final uses about the possibility to separate a clean plastic container for a more responsible recycling process.

APP: When the ordinary becomes Extraordinary.


Bottle: PETG
Eco-lock collar & pump: PP

Suggested label dimensions:

APP 355 50ml Smile Pump = 110mm x 95mm

APP 355 30ml Smile Pump = 110mm x 60mm


APP 355 30ml Smile Pump dosage is 250mcl.

With white Smile pump and collar and clear overcap SAN (black or white PP overcap is also available)

With white Pearl pump and collar and clear overcap SAN (black or white PP overcap is also available)

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