Technical Information

GRADESCosmetic Grade
SOURCE/ ORIGINVegetable Biotechnological
VEGAN SUITABLEVegan suitable

* Where Vegan suitable means free from animal derived substances. * Further documentation available with purchase



  • Replenished dermis

  • Optimal collagen ratio

  • Smooth skin

  • Firm, elastic skin

  • Reduced inflammatory reactions

  • Firm and rejuvenated skin

  • Reduction of stretch marks

  • Firms the skin even at low concentrations

  • Acts as a collagen replenisher, reduces wrinkles and lifts skin


Application/recommendation for

  • Anti-ageing products to re-define facial contours, to redensify and firm the skin and to plump-up wrinkles>Smooths skin wrinkles in the eye and neck regions

  • Body care products>Firming body lotions, also those designed to treat stretch marks.

  • Hand and nail care>Nail care >It Repairs nail skin and hangnail skin

  • Tattoo aftercare> Soothes and protects tattooed skin

  • Face Care, Neck & Body>Lifting and V-shaping effects

  • Powerful lifting treatments, for example in combination with LIFTONIN®-XPRESS for an instant result


Recommended use level:

 1 – 3 %


Additional Info:

The raw materials used to manufacture the cosmetic active ingredient are of plant/biotechnological origin. The active ingredient contains no compounds of animal origin. No mineral oils were used in manufacture


CAS Number:7732-18-5, 9036-88-8, 5343-92-0, 77-92-9

Water (Aqua), Mannan, Pentylene Glycol,  Citric Acid


Water (Aqua), Mannan, Pentylene Glycol,  Citric Acid

LIFTONIN®-XPERT ECO is an intelligent collagen booster obtained from the leaf sap of the South African medical plant Bulbine frutescens. Smart skin collagen management is essential, because uncontrolled activation of collagen synthesis can lead to the induction of inflammatory processes and the development of low quality collagen. Thanks to the active substances knipholone and acetylated polymannose, LIFTONIN®-XPERT ECO recalibrates the equilibrium between the decomposition and reconstruction of dermal structures, thus providing the skin with an extra portion of high quality collagen.

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