Babaçu (Orbignya oleifera) is a large palm tree native to Brazil, found in the Cerrado region (Brazilian savannah), bearing at least 2.000 fruits per year. The fruit is round and brownish and when ripe, it breaks off and falls to the ground. Its seeds are oleaginous, containing about 65% of oil, with great potential for economic use. From the palm, everything is useful. Its leaves are used to cover roofs and its fibers are used for handmade crafts such as baskets, screens and gifts.

The Babaçu oil, extracted from the fruit seeds, is rich in lauric acid and has an important emollient action being a great alternative to coconut oil, also rich in lauric acid content.

The Babaçu oil is light and melts rapidly, penetrating deeply into the skin without leaving a greasy and sticky feel. It displays emollient properties promoting deep hydration and a smoothing effect.


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