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Trulux understands how businesses work and with innovation as our motivation in building brands, you can rest assured of the quality of our advanced manufacturing solutions. Our innovative approach to providing cosmetics contract manufacturing services to small and medium-sized businesses allows us to create a seamless and efficient process for our clients from product development and formulation to private label manufacturing, filling, packing, and packaging.

  • Confidentiality
    Client confidentiality is paramount to our business. We work with you to ensure your company's privacy at all levels of the formulation and manufacturing process.
  • Quality Control
    Trulux operates under extremely strict guidelines and to the highest possible standards. We are committed to manufacturing only the highest quality products and our quality guarantee ensures you receive 100% product satisfaction.
  • Quantity & MOQ
    We deal with large and growing businesses equally, providing large bulk quantities for big enterprises and for growing clients requiring small batch orders starting at just 2 kg
  • Production & Manufacturing
    With our advanced manufacturing Facility, Trulux is the ideal partner for you
    Whether you are an established brand and want to update your formula or create a new one, trulux is your natural ally. or
    If you are a new or emerging brand, trulux will help create your dream and create a unique product line.
    The personal care and health industry are growing at 7% on average year on year for the next ten years; try us!
  • Order Fulfillment
    At trulux, we understand that protecting your products is of utmost importance; good care is always taken and applied,
    We use the highly advanced and sustainable Lumson Packaging for our products combined with our reliability and quality of processes

Private Labelling

Thanks to our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and our exceptional formulas, our private label service is the perfect avenue to optimize your Time-to-Market value and ensure your products are never outdated or the quality jeopardized. Trulux aims to deliver premium and scientifically proven private label stock products that are ready to go to market.

Ready-to-go stable and high-performance formulas at your disposal; Fast turn-around time; Lower initial capital investment; Autonomy to request formulas changes/ replacements

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Trulux can help with:

The personal care market always demands high-quality and effective products, whether Cosmeceuticals, Actives, natural, organic, or botanical products.
Trulux is the perfect choice for your business. We are at the forefront of it, with access to the best ingredients and technology and fully accredited by ISO, GMP,  and Australian Trusted Trader.
We work with the best ingredients suppliers to create the most innovative products in current and expanding markets.
Our qualified PHDs chemists, and technical support staff, will develop your formula, resulting in a highly beneficial and marketable product.
Some of the market sectors our clients supply directly:
▪ Hair and Beauty Salons
▪ Pharmacy and Doctor clinics
▪ E-commerce and Direct Marketing
▪ Department Stores
▪ Cosmetics Gift
▪ Health Food Outlets
▪ Hotel Amenities and Spa Industry
▪ Organic Personal Care Online Sales
▪ Supermarkets

Also, we provide:
Product Development Fulfillment Packaging Graphic Design Labels and Printing

Contract Manufacturing

As an industry-leading contract manufacturer, Trulux is the perfect partner for established and emerging brands in the skincare, haircare, personal care, and cosmetic space. We cover the whole process - beginning from concept, product development, and formulation, through to the sourcing of raw material, manufacturing, graphic design, printing up to product filling and packing.
From 1kg up to a tonne, say the word and come collect your scaled-up product. No minimum order is required. Not required to apply for Intellectual Property. Raw materials Supply (in-stock). In-house chemists' validation of the client's formulation is up to standards and if all ingredients work together. Accredited facility (ISO 22716, ISO 9001.

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It's time to get your ideas out and put them to market.
At Trulux, we are committed to adding value to your brand. Our team of qualified PHDs chemists and technical support staff, and our marketing and product development departments will help develop your formula, resulting in a highly beneficial and marketable product.
We have new approved In-house lab for research and development and a committed team of qualified chemists who use the latest research and ingredients to produce advanced, premium formulas.
We will work closely with you to create high-end products in current and expanding markets. Formula ownership and product development; Facility equipped with high-end technology to develop, test, and manufacture your formula.

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We provide a convenient solution to some of our clients by offering a warehousing service that includes:
Storage and direct delivery straight to your customer's doorstep.
We will ensure your products are assembled expertly and packaged well, irrespective of the size, weight, or quantity.

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