Collection: Raw-Materials

Cosmetic Raw Materials

Buying cosmetic ingredientsĀ 

Trulux prideĀ itselfĀ on sourcing and selecting only the highest quality cosmetic ingredients for our client'sĀ cosmetic product formulations and development.

Our expert team and trusted suppliers ensure the consistency and integrity of our cosmetic ingredients are second to none whileĀ offering you the best possible price at all times.

Trulux sources allĀ cosmetic raw materials from companies that can provide evidence of their Quality Management System, both from local and national companies and overseas suppliers.

All materials are checked against specifications and industry standards, regardless of source, to ensure only the highest quality ingredients are used in the manufacturing process of all Trulux productions.

Please note that the Raw Material's Certification listed under the sectionĀ "Ingredient Information"Ā on each Raw Material's page refers to the Certification held by the Manufacturer.

Trulux does not trade any cosmetic raw materials as Organic or Natural Certified.