Collection: Colors & Color Blends

Cosmetic Colors & Color Blends

Colours commonly used in beauty products for better appearance and also cosmetics production

Colours are the inseparable ingredients of beauty formulations. We add colours and pigments to the product for visually better results that match the fragrance and texture of the finished product. In the colour cosmetics industry, colours and pigments are a vital part of the formulation. Colours are categorized into organic and inorganic. The simple titanium dioxide is an inorganic colour, and the red colour used for colour cosmetics is organic. Colours can be oil or water-soluble. Here you have access to a complete range of beautiful colours. We provide colours and colour blends like KOBO RED FAND55RSI or SYMPHOLIGHT RW-TE, which are coated and dispersed colour blends for ease of formulating. Are you seeking a cosmetic colour supplier? You are at the right place.