Collection: Antioxidants


Why do we add antioxidants to cosmetic products?

Our body has its antioxidant defence system, but as it ages, we should receive more antioxidants externally. Applying antioxidants in cosmetic products can boost the internal antioxidant system and help the skin to neutralize the free radical effect. Superoxide dismutase, resveratrol and green tea extract cosmetics are famous products that contain antioxidants. You may hear of flavonoid usage in cosmetics. The antioxidant property of tea extracts is due to tea flavonoids. Trulux offers various natural and synthetic antioxidants like POMEGRANATE SEED OIL, STAY-C 50 (SODIUM ASCORBYL PHOSPHATE), GREEN TEA EXTRACT, NANOVETOR RESVERATROL and SYMSAVE H