Collection: Active Ingredients

Cosmetic Active Ingredients

Active ingredients are used in cosmetics to combat skin problems

Suppose you want to produce a finished product with a specific claim like rejuvenating, healing, anti-acne, anti-hair loss, or whitening. In that case, you should incorporate a unique substance called an active ingredient into the formula. So let's see what an active ingredient is. Active ingredients are used in cosmetics to combat each skin problem, such as wrinkles, acne, UV damage, dryness and so on. The dosage level of the actives in the formulation is specific and depends on the application. To make the active ingredients, different clinical trials are done to prove their efficacy and ensure non-toxicity for humans. We offer the best active ingredients for skincare and hair care. The active ingredients list can be found here. Our broad range covers various applications, including skin whitening by SEPIWHITE™ MSH to AC VOLUMIZING COMPLEX PF for hair care routines.